Marit Larsen-Only a Fool


Let's listen to this song. maCy jarang share lagu di blog. Therefore, once I share it, it must be really cool ;p

This song is actually related la juga dengan my current situation. Credit to Peja yang introduce lagu ni pada maCy, last 2 month kot~

"Only A Fool"

So you say I need to consider this
Yours were the face that I couldn't resist
Yours was the fuel to the flames in my heart
Mine were the words that would tear us apart

Well I say I found the letters you wrote
Mine was the smile and the life that you broke
Mine was the story that you told your friends
Yours were the demons you couldn't defend

Understand me, as of lately I've learned a thing or two
There is just no way that I'll be coming home to you

'Cause only a fool would do this again
Only a fool would let you back in
There is no you left to embrace
There is no word would make it feel safe
Love was a gift, stubborn and wild
I was armed with the faith of a child
And you were my joy, you were my friend
There is no going back there again

[Chorus 2]
It's more than you can ask of me my love
I'm coming out of nowhere
It feels good here better than you know
Isn't it only fair that you try and let it go?

Yours was the ring that I started to wear
Yours were the vows that went up in the air
Yours was the choice to stay away from her
Mine was the dream that got lost in the stir

These were the times I would call you my own
These were the times I were waiting at home

I'll tell you something, I've been changing after what you put me through
There is just no way that I'll be coming home to you


'Cause only a fool would do this again
Only a fool would let you back in
There is no you left to embrace
There is no word would make it feel safe

[Chorus 2]

Let it go
Let it go
I said "only a fool"
"Only a fool"

Yesterday he said he wanted me back, but the next day he had the other girl as his new gf. Cool. I've been changing after what you put me through, there is just no way that i'll be coming home to you~

I just.. really want to forgive and forget~

p/s : lately im kinda busy, but after this ill be double busy~


en_me said…
layannns.. ehehe

thanx singgah2 jenguk2 komen3 blog me yg ittewww..
tia said…
best laguuu neh! ;)
first time dgr!
rossoneri said…
xsangka macy dgr lagu2 cam ni hehe
Catherine- said…
kau pergi..
sepi tanpa kata
terdiam dan kaku tak daya kau kulupa
apa pun kata mereka
biarkan kenangan berbunga di ranting usia
Izzat Aziz said…
Suka lagu camni, memang best untuk sing along..hehe
echah mashuri said…
rase nak nangis dengar lagu ni.;(
Hellioz said…
hanya seorang bodoh.

eh eh adakah ukulele?
adrinaqamarina said…
tak patot dye buat awak macam tu yang. urm, rina paam perasaan tu.
.:: dieylah :: said…
macy bz watpe ek...hihihi...
all da best dear... ^^
cikpia said…
be cool and be grateful that u are surrounded by people who love u; friends, bloggers, family...... and hell go those who dont. =)
mario said…
ok...just forget it sis...dont waste ur time...
marit xpernah dgr lagi...
starting lagu mcm lagu Taylor swift ;P

lepas nih share lagu yg rock2 plak
Abang Jonni said…
mendalam maksud liriknya ni... huhuhu....
xpnah dgr lagu ni..
emm..related with ur current situation ea, de prob k dear?
zai said…
woohoo lagu

i click button like

arghh. lelaki .fussssssss.
meaning that, karma hidup lelaki mcm tu?kan
nas said…
1st time dgar..mmg tertarik gak masih kurang melekat dijiwa ini..hu3

tips menjadikan blog kelihatan lebih profesional dan cantik
xleh nak dengar lagi macy.. anak buah ngah melalak kat tepi.. ngee~ eh,yg ayat last 2.. it'll be double busy ke mmg ill be? huu~
cemomoi said…
ooo april fool lambat lagi

la la laaa
cik tom xpernah plk lagu ni..hehe..
HonEyBuNNy said…
salam...sama la ila....lepas neh tripple busy...xdpt nak blogwalking cm selalu...hehhe
M a W a D D a H said…
macy yg busy...slmt menyanyi...
ASaDa RyutaRo said…
kali kedua dengar lagu ni. layan jugak..
ASaDa RyutaRo said…
make ur choice.. 100% atas tangan macy. ;)

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